MCG has been privileged to conduct research with children, parents, and educators in more than 50 countries. Our explorations of families, schools, and communities have helped businesses, governments, foundations, and multinational institutions solve existing problems and identify new opportunities.

At MCG, our expertise includes…

  • Research: employing a full range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
  • Constituents: identifying and making contact with specified groups, including children, youth, adolescents, women, families, educators, and adult learners.
  • Markets and Industries: serving a broad range of businesses and organizations, including media, entertainment, learning and education, health and mental health, and the intersection of private enterprise, not-for-profit, and public sector.
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Research delivers far more than data. Through action-oriented research MCG provides clients with usable knowledge and insights. Research eliminates guesswork, reduces anxiety and saves time and money. Knowledge gained from research allows clients to overcome obstacles, solve problems, and ensure success. Additionally, MCG understands that research gives voice to numerous constituents. Research makes the invisible visible and gives individuals a significant role in the development of the products, services, and communications that directly impact their lives.

Mission & Values

  • Accurate,
  • Independent,
  • Scientific,
  • Collaborative and Inclusive.

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"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
-Albert Einstein